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New China International Exhibition Center
The new China International Exhibition Center is established within publicly built business area in the south of Tianzhu Konggang in Shunyi. It is located in the west of Jingshun road, the east of Yufeng road, the south of Anhua street and the north of Fuqian street, occupying a total area of about 155.5 hectares.

Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Beijing Olympic Forest Park is the key project of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and is located in the northern end of Central Axis of Beijing. The planning reaches Qinghe in the north, Anli road in the east, Kehui road in the south and Lincui road in the west with a total occupation of 6.8 square kilometers.

Beijing Biological Engineering and Pharmaceutical Industrial Base
Beijing Biological Engineering and pharmaceutical Industrial Base is located in the southern part of Daxing District of Beijing. The planned scope starts from Six Ring Road to the north, Weiyong Road to the south, Yongding River to the west and Jing-Kai Highway to the east.

Yunzhu Lake Tourist Area of Yushe, Shanxi Province
Yunzhu Lake Tourist Area is located at the southwestern part of Yushe County, central Shanxi province, 22 kilometers away from the town and 88 kilometers from Taiyuan City.

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