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Xinyuan Building is located at the northeast of Dongdan and Chang¡¯an Street cross, next to Telephone Building to the east, Oriental Square to the west and facing Guangcai Building at the south of Chang¡¯an Street.

We started operating this project in 1994, providing ¡°package¡± service from project initiation, examination and approval to license acquirement. Now the project has been finished basically.

The Building covers an area of 1.2 hectares and is engaged in business activity, office rooms and supporting services.

Faithfully committed to the Agreement, we changed a part of the project and expanded the construction area from 60,000 square meters to 128,000 square meters successfully. During the construction, we have done a lot of coordination work, concerning the stations of subway Batong and No.5 as well as their aboveground structures.

This project received the Excellent Design Award from Beijing Institute of Architecture Design as well as Great Wall Award of Beijing Structure Project.


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