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Beijing Fourth Ring Road
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Beijing Fourth Ring Road

The project started in 1998, lasted 3 years and finished in June 2001.

The Fourth Ring Road is the urban expressway. The total length is 63.5 kilometers. The major road is enclosed and all the crosses are facilitated by overpasses. There are 8 lanes in two directions plus emergency parking belt. The speed is projected at 80 to 100 kilometers/hour and the supporting road at two sides is 7 to 15 meters in width. The newly built road area is 4.12 million square meters, bridges, 147, bridge area, 485,000 square meters, underground pipelines, over 600 kilometers, new green area, 1.63 million square meters and total investment, about 13 billion Yuan.

The consultancy and agency covered the entire early stage of the project, including project initiation, planning, feasibility study, design, pipeline arrangement, comprehensive and first-stage planning. The consultancy and agency has helped the project to acquire the reply, approval, and license from Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning. As the project touched the interest of many sides and was in time strain, there were numerable difficulties in planning and coordination. Due to our efforts, the early stage of the project was accelerated greatly and we have been praised greatly by Party A, the Constructor for the contribution that we have made.


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