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Beijing Fifth Ring Road
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Beijing Fifth Ring Road

The Fifth Ring Road rounds along the verge of Beijing city, 10-15 kilometers from downtown. It is a ring road expressway between downtown Beijing and its outskirts. The Road connects with 8 highways from the capital. They are Capital Airport Highway, Jing-Tong Highway (Jing-Ha), Jing-Shen, Jing-Jin-Tang, Jing-Kai, Jing-Shi, Jing-Cheng and Badaling Highways. The Road links 10 Groups at verge of Beiyuan, Wangjing, Dongba, Dingfuzhuang, Fatou, Nanyuan, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Xiyuan and Qinghe as well as the key areas of Olympic stadiums, Science city and Economic Development Zone.

The total length of the Fifth Ring Road is 99 kilometers. The auto speed is projected as 100 kilometers/hour with 6 lanes in two directions, continuous parking belt and a road basis as wide as 28.5 to 35 meters. Over the Road there are 86 wholly or partially inter-communicable and separate overpasses, including 11 gigantic bridges. The total road area is 4.7227 million square meters; total bridge area is 694,000 square meters and the green area is 3.43 million square meters. The earth fill is 15.257 million cubic meters and the earth excavation is 214 cubic meters. The construction started from November 2000 to October 2003 with a total investment of 13.64 billion Yuan.

The consultancy and agency covered the entire early stage of the project, including project initiation, planning, feasibility study, design, pipeline arrangement, comprehensive and first-stage planning. The consultancy and agency has helped the project to acquire the reply, approval, license from Beijing NDRP, Commission of Urban Planning and Communication Ministry smoothly and accelerated the early stage of the project which has been praised greatly by Party A, the Constructor.


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