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Management over Construction Engineering Projects
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Management over Construction Engineering Projects

  1. Organizing intentional planning on land plot, compiling the project proposals, compiling regulatory detailed planning of the proposed project, adjusting the regulatory detailed planning, planning and designing construction scheme, compiling constructional detailed planning, compiling analyst report on solar impact, compiling feasibility report, organizing and compiling consultants report and analyst report on the traffic impact of Beijing, organizing and compiling analyst report on environmental impact, organizing and compiling analyst report on the investigation of relics, organizing tender and bid in regards of planning schemes, organizing expert review panel, and conducting preliminary technical and economical analysis;
  2. Handling administrative approval procedures concerning the registration and planning of various construction projects (Registration Permit, Approval Permit, Permit for Planning Opinions, Construction Scheme Permit, Construction Land Use Planning Permit, Construction Engineering Planning Permit, Traffic Planning Permit, Landscape Planning Permit, Environmental Protection Planning Permit, Cultural Relics Protection Planning Permit, Civil Defense Planning Permit, etc.), conducting arrangement, organizing, coordination and control in terms of the aforementioned and coordinating all matters to ensure the expected results---low investment but high returns for property owners, short construction period but qualified projects---of the construction project .
  3. Construction on consignment, which mainly provides Party A with such services as designing management, tender and bid proxy, consultation on project cost, procurement management, construction management and project inspection at completion. Act on behalf of the Party A to manage and control the progress, quality, safety, expense and information of engineering projects.

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The new China International Exhibition Center is established within publicly built business area in the south of Tianzhu Konggang in Shunyi. It is located in the west of Jingshun road, the east of Yufeng road, the south of Anhua street and the north of Fuqian street, occupying a total area of about 155.5 hectares.

Xinyuan Building is located at the northeast of Dongdan and Changan Street cross, next to Telephone Building to the east, Oriental Square to the west and facing Guangcai Building at the south of Changan Street.

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