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Planning Consultation

  1. Offering all kinds of consultation services regarding the various development stages of urban planning, including consultation on the designated status and functions of a city, the urban scale and capacity as well as the urban development pattern in the overall urban planning;
  2. Offering consultation opinions on land use, population distribution and capacity analysis of the building land in the urban district planning;
  3. Determining and analyzing in the urban regulatory detailed planning on all sorts of the regulatory indicators, including the purpose of building land, building height, building density, plot ratio, greening rate, etc; Compiling the intentional planning according to land use condition and offering related consultation; Compiling regulatory detailed planning for land plot based on the intentional planning as well as the peripheral situation and offering related consultation;
  4. Based on the regulatory detailed planning and requirements of customers, compiling constructional detailed planning, offering related consultation, and completing administrative approval procedures.

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Success Stories
Beijing Zhongguancun Aviation Science Park is located within the campus of Beijing Keeven Aviation Instrument Co., ltd, West Road of Northern Third Ring Road Haidian District. The total area is 17.3 hectares and construction area is 500,000 square meters.

Beijing Language and Culture University is located at Xueyuan Road, Haidian District. The planned total area is 32.9 hectares and the planned total construction area is 510,000 square meters.

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