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Planning and Designing
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Planning and Designing:

  1. Compiling the overall urban planning for cities with a population under 200,000 (plan revision and adjustment included);
  2. Compiling all kinds of special planning (plan revision and adjustment included);
  3. Compiling detailed planning;
  4. Compiling opinions on the planning and site selection for large engineering projects;
  5. Compiling constructional detailed planning;

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Success Stories
Yunzhu Lake Tourist Area is located at the southwestern part of Yushe County, central Shanxi province, 22 kilometers away from the town and 88 kilometers from Taiyuan City.

The ancient city of Jiexiu is located at the southwestern end of Shanxi Taiyuan Basin and along the southern bank of Fenhe River. The diluvia inclined plain in the southwestern part of Jiexiu has an area (within the moat) of 2 square kilometers and it is 139 kilometer away from Taiyuan City.

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